Hoarding or Healing, it is Your Choice

room with trash and boxes piles to the ceiling

Several years ago, when I was working for a communication company, I was dispatched on a “no dial tone trouble”. I saw that this particular trouble was a high priority. It involved a system known as a life line.  When I arrived, I noticed through the garage windows there were numerous cardboard boxes. The windows were near the top of the door, so the boxes appeared to reach the ceiling. However, I did not give it much thought, other than maybe the people are just moving in, and have not fully unpacked. As usual, I went to the door and informed the lady that I was going to check outside first for the problem. After testing, I discovered the problem was inside, most likely a corroded telephone jack, or a wire broken. When she let me inside, I was not prepared for what I saw. Every room, even the kitchen had box after box stacked all the way to the ceiling. There was a small path between the stacked boxes so I maneuvered my way to the bedroom where the jack was located. However, when I got to this room, boxes were stacked almost to the ceiling as well. I ask her could she please move these boxes so I could get to the trouble. She accommodated me to a degree, but I am not sure she really wanted to move all those boxes. But, in order for the trouble to be fixed, she had to clear the way.

That day, for the first time in my life, I encountered a “hoarder”. I had heard about them, and there is a reality show on TV about hoarders. So, there must be many people who stack boxes on boxes all across this land. It shook me up that day. I could not imagine someone living as a hoarder, but it is true. There are people who hoard different things. As a counselor at Crossway Ministries, I talk to many people who hoard hurts, which is far more troubling than boxes stacked in a house.

What is “hoarding these hurts” all about?  At Crossway Ministries, we encounter people daily who are hoarding hurts. It may not be obvious when they first arrive, but when the family history is taken, hurts usually begin to surface. More often than not, when these early relationships are revisited, tears well up, and going down memory lane becomes a painful journey. Through this journey the counselee makes a startling discovery. Their trouble is on the inside as well. They have been hoarding hurts in their hearts for much of their lives. As we progress with the person, they hear truths about how God can set them free from all of the emotional traps rejection has set.

Trying to live out life while trapped by hurts will take a physical and emotional toll. In order to be set free, a person has to want to be free. In some cases, we have found releasing a debtor, is too much to ask, and they leave just as trapped as when they came.

What about you? Are you a hoarder of hurts? Do you feel trapped by these hurts? Are you weary and tired of carrying the weight of these boxes of hurts? Are you willing to clear the way so God can heal your hurts? Do you want to get well? Then get in touch with us at Crossway Ministries. Go to our web site graceheals.org and contact us. We can help, if you really want to be healed from your hurts. Hoarding or healing, the choice is yours.