Romans Conference

Understanding Romans 5 - 8, the Heart of the Gospel.

(The schedule can be tailored to meet the need.)
** The format is 6 days, 3 hours/day **

the book of Romans

The Goal of chapter 5: To deepen your understanding of why obeying God or performing for Him neither increases nor diminishes your acceptance before God. His acceptance of us is based on making us acceptable  through the gift of righteousness in Christ.

The Goal of chapter 6: To deepen your understanding as to why grace is not a license to sin but rather freedom over sin as your master.

The Goal of chapter 7: To deepen your understanding of the purpose of the law of God and your freedom from it.

The Goal of chapter 8: To deepen your understanding of the victory you already possess in Christ over sin and during suffering.

The following is a more detailed outline with topics you can expect to explore in this study:

Introduction – Objectives and Focus
Romans 1-4 – Context and Overview
Romans 5:1-11Preservation, Our Security in Christ
Romans 5:12-6:11Participation, Our Union with Christ
Romans 6:12-23Sanctification, Our Spiritual Growth in Christ                
Romans 7:1-25Emancipation, Our Freedom in Christ
Romans 8:1-39Transformation, Our New Life in Christ
Foundational Summary

Conference Cost

$100 per/person (includes a 198 page conference book)