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Welcome to Crossway Ministries! We are a non profit Bible-based counseling and discipleship training ministry devoted to healing the hurts, comforting the hearts and renewing the minds of believers with truth from God’s Word. Crossway exists to offer you the real opportunity to find rest in the midst of life’s many difficulties. As Christians, we have God’s promise of peace in salvation, but we can also experience God’s peace in every situation. No matter how strained life becomes, we believe everyone can live in freedom!

Whether you’ve been a Christian for a few days or a few decades, we all know living in this world isn’t easy. Depression, addiction, and pain from hurtful relationships can steal the peace God wants us to enjoy. And like many people we meet, you may be wrestling with confusion about God and His plan for your life. Have you been having thoughts like these:

  • Can a Christian continue struggling with anxiety?
  • If I’m really a Christian, why am I still having these sexual problems?
  • If I could just find a new job, everything would be better.
  • My spouse and I are so different; I wish I’d never gotten married!
  • Why does the Christian life seem so hard? This isn’t what I expected.
  • God seems so elusive. Does He even care?

Whatever situation you’re in, Here at Crossway we understand, and we can help!

Two Ways We Can Help:

Counseling: Get Personal Help

We have trained staff who are equipped and available to serve your personal, relational, or marital counseling needs. Counseling is available at our Anderson office or via Skype to anyone around the world.

Events: Experience God’s Grace with Other Christians

Here at Crossway we believe you can’t do life alone! We offer seminars and discipleship training events so you can experience the healing power of God’s grace in community with other Christians. Our events are designed for you to gain a greater Biblical understanding of why Jesus made you, why He saved you, and what that means for everyday life. Click here for our calendar of events, or use our contact form to schedule an event.

Crossway is a member of Network 220. Named after Galatians 2:20, Network 220 is an international network of more than 110 churches, counseling ministries, and training ministries throughout the United States and beyond. Each ministry is unique, with many offering discipleship, counseling, training, and various conferences and seminars designed to build you up in the life-changing message of your new identity in Jesus Christ! Visit for more information.